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Business, Politics, Culture

Short Stories on the History & Power
of Popular Culture

— Stories by Jack Doyle —

Road to the White House

“JFK’s 1960 Campaign”

Primaries & Fall Election

The historic campaign,
with city-by-city itinerary
— and lots of photos.

Civil Rights History

“Buses Are A’ Comin’”

Freedom Riders: 1961

In 1961, extraordinary
courage stepped up
to racial bigotry.

1960s Counterculture

“Legend of A Mind”

Timothy Leary & LSD

Clare Boothe Luce, the CIA
and the Moody Blues are
also part of this story.

Baseball Legends

“The Mazeroski Moment”

1960 World Series

In a dramatic Game 7,
the Pittsburgh Pirates
beat the NY Yankees.

Publishing & Wall Street

“Flash Boy Lewis”


A Michael Lewis book on
high-frequency computer
trading rattles Wall Street.

Annals of Music

“The Saddest Song”


Samuel Barber’s “Adagio
for Strings” has a powerful
and moving sadness.

Topics Page: Women

“Noteworthy Ladies”

36 Stories

Profiles of famous women
— from Rachel Carson
to Tina Turner.

Topics Page: Civil Rights

“Civil Rights Topics”


14 stories with
Civil Rights-related
content & history.

Music, Politics, Big Biz


John Prine-1971

A country song about
strip mining, coal power,
& demise of Paradise, KY

Politics, Celebrity, Music

“Linda & Jerry”


The lives of Jerry Brown
and Linda Ronstadt
during the 1970s.

Topics Page: Baseball

“Baseball Stories”


14 baseball stories —
from Christy Mathewson
to Mickey Mantle & more.

Football History

“Bednarik-Gifford Lore”


The All-Pro careers & historic
clash of Chuck Bednarik
and Frank Gifford.

Publishing, Politics, Ecology

“Power in the Pen”


Rachel Carson’s book, Silent
Spring, takes on pesticides;
spurs environmental cause.

Politics & Television

“Brian’s Song”


Brian Lamb’s C-SPAN
opens up Congress;
provides public affairs TV.

Radio & Rock ‘n Roll

“Moondog Alan Freed”


He coined the term
“Rock ‘n Roll” & gave
exposure to R&B artists.

Music & Advertising

“Keira & The Zombies”

2014 & The 1960s

A Chanel perfume ad
features Keira Knightley
& a 1960s Zombies’ tune.

Annals of Sport

“1930s Super Girl”

Babe Didrikson

When it came to athletics,
there was little that Babe
Didrikson couldn’t do.

Politics & Culture

“JFK’s Pacific Swim”

August 1962

A surprise “Presidential
swim” by John F. Kennedy
at Santa Monica,CA.

Music & Pop Culture

“Beatles in America”


New rock ‘n roll group
brings “pop explosion” in
music, business, culture.

Annals of Music

“Dear Prudence”


The history of a beautiful
Beatles’ song and a
productive retreat in India.

Media & The Web

“Google & Gaga”


Google’s Lady Gaga TV ad
illustrates larger media
reach & powers to come.

Advertising & Culture

“The iPod Silhouettes”


Apple’s iPod ads spread
cultural imagery globally
& boosted bottom line.

Road to the White House

“JFK’s Early Campaign”


As JFK wins big in U.S.
Senate re-election, he also
campaigns nationally.

Road to the White House

“JFK’s Early Campaign”


In the 3rd year of his
“unofficial campaign,”
JFK is front-runner.

Publishing & Politics

“Nader’s Raiders”


Ralph Nader’s student
“study groups” turned
Washington inside-out.

Book, Film, Music



The James Bond film
that really sent the
franchise soaring.

Topics Page: 10 Stories

“Beatles History”


Beatles’ biographies,
song histories, travels
in America, and more.

Politics & Celebrity

“Barack & Bruce”


Bruce Springsteen & other
celebrities helped President Obama win re-election.

Media Powerhouse

“Empire Newhouse”


From newspapers & magazines
to, Newhouse has become a cultural power.

Media Maverick

“Ted Turner & CNN”

1980s & 1990s

Media pioneer shakes up
news & entertainment biz
using new technology.

Politics & Celebrity

“The Jack Pack”

Pt.1: 1958-60

Frank Sinatra’s “Rat Pack”
cavort with & campaign for
JFK in his White House bid.

Politics & Celebrity

“The Jack Pack”

Pt. 2: 1961-64

Good times JFK Inaugural
is followed by some falling
out and tragic endings.

Hollywood, Dance, Film

“Legs: Cyd Charisse”


Statuesque beauty of
MGM musicals was a
commanding presence.

Television History

“Person to Person”


Edward R. Murrow’s show,
ironically, helped give
rise to “celebrity T.V.”

Music & Politics

“Barracuda Politics”


Sarah Palin campaign music
at Republican convention
riles rock group, Heart.

Music & Politics

“Reagan & Springsteen”


How Bruce Springsteen’s
music became part of a
Ronald Reagan speech.

Publishing, Politics, Art

“FDR & Vanity Fair”


Magazine cover art &
caricature during Franklin
Roosevelt’s New Deal.

Politics & Celebrity

“1968 Presidential Race”


Paul Newman & friends
jump into the political
battles of 1968.

Political Icons

“JFK’s Texas Statue”

Ft. Worth: 2012

A Texas tribute site
honors a memorable visit
of a much-loved President.

Art & Civil Rights

“Rockwell & Race”


Norman Rockwell’s art
went well beyond The
Saturday Evening Post

Music Censorship

“Rumble Riles Censors”


Link Wray’s guitar song
prompts some radio
managers to ban its airing.

Music Controversy

“Elvis Riles Florida”


Elvis Presley’s music
& dancing on stage
brings judicial threat.

Annals of Music

“Dylan’s Hard Rain”


Bob Dylan’s song, “A Hard
Rain’s A-Gonna Fall;”
genesis & history.

Book, Film, Pop Culture

“The Love Story Saga”


A best-selling book,
Hollywood film & hot young
couple captivate millions.

Sports & Civil Rights

“Reese & Robbie”


Baseball statue of two famous
players commemorates a kind
moment amid racial bigotry.

Magazine Art & Culture

“U.S. Post Office”


Magazine art from the
1950s helps frame today’s
“postal values” fight.

Media, Money & Power

“Murdoch’s NY Deals”


Rupert Murdoch, media
baron, acquiring New York
newspapers & magazines.

Annals of Music

“Bandstand Performers”


Dick Clark’s “American
Bandstand” offered music
artists national TV debuts.

Art, Satire, Politics

“Enemy of the President”


Cartoonist Paul Conrad
draws the ire
of Richard Nixon.

Music & Civil Rights

“Strange Fruit”


Billie Holiday sings
haunting song
of protest.

The Tobacco Celebs

“Wayne For Camels”


Hollywood’s John Wayne
stars in Camel
cigarette advertising.

Wealth & Celebrity

“Celebrity Buffett”


Billionaire Warren Buffett
leverages his wealth &
fame to good ends.

Film, Celebrity, Activist

“Mia’s Metamorphoses”


Mia Farrow’s life changes:
& using her fame.

Advertising, History, Art

“Remington’s West”


A John Hancock Co.
“history series” ad page:
Frederic Remington, artist.

Annals of Music

“Watching The Wheels”


John Lennon sings about
his family life & time away
from the music biz.

Film & Technology

“Talkie Terror”

Late 1920s

Silent film stars & all of Hollywood faced the perils
of a new technology.

Annals of Music

“Harlem Nocturne”


Saltry saxophone tune
from the 1930s rises anew
in the 1960s & 1980s.

Annals of Sport

“Pitcher Perfect”


Brooklyn’s Sandy Koufax
becomes baseball standout;
wins three Triple Crowns.

Silent Film Star

“Pearl White”


A daredevil heroine
of the Silent Screen
becomes a big star.

Film Icons & Culture

“Wall Street’s Gekko”


A fictional Wall Street
hustler lives on in the
culture, roiling values.

Annals of Music

“Early Beach Boys”


The five guys who
created “Sunshine Pop”
and a lot more.

Annals of Music

“Early Beach Boys”

Pt. 2: Six Songs

Gorgeous harmonies &
imaginative composition
in a distinctive ’60s sound.

Music, Marketing, Technology

“Start Me Up”


Bill Gates uses a
Rolling Stone’s tune to
launch Windows 95.

Advertising & Celebrity

“Dennis & Ameriprise”


Dennis Hopper pitches
Boomers on retirement “Dreams Don’t Retire.”

Annals of Music

“Paint It Black”


A Rolling Stones tune has
a long shelf life in film,
television, and video games.

Celebrity, TV, Marketing

“Dinah Shore & Chevrolet”


“See-the-U.S.A.” tune
helps define a celebrity
and America’s “car culture”.

Protest Music

“Four Dead in O-hi-o”


A protest song recalls
America’s darker days
during the Vietnam War.

Statues & Icons: Politics

“RFK in Brooklyn”


A Robert F. Kennedy
memorial & 1960s help for Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Music, Celebrity, Business

“Taylor Swift, Rising”


A 19-yr-old singer/
songwriter storms the
music charts …and more.

Message Music

Sting: “Russians”


A song about the Cold
War’s nuclear threat
finds a pop audience.

Money & Musicals

“The Sound of Money”


A Dutch pension fund
& media company buy up
Rodgers & Hammerstein.

Music & Biography

“Be My Baby”


The Ronettes & Phil Spector produce a game-
changing new sound.

TV, Music & Marketing

“American Bandstand”

1956 – 2007

How Dick Clark & TV
helped make rock ‘n roll
a major business.

Books, Film, Video

“The Bourne Profitability”

1985 – 2007

How Jason Bourne & Co.
became a worldwide
business empire.

Music & Biography

“Joplin’s Shooting Star”


Janis Joplin’s last
five years; her
music, life & legacy.

Sport, Celebrity, Business

“I Guarantee It.”


Joe Namath of the NY Jets
helps transform pro football –
game, image, and $$$ value.

Music Biz & Celebrity

“Beatles’ Closed-Circuit Gig”

March 1964

The Beatles’ first-ever, live U.S.
concert from Washington was used
in closed-circuit theater showings.

The Entertainment Economy

“Disney Dollars”


Walt & Mickey become
Depression beaters and a
new kind of growth engine.

Book, Film, Music

“Of Bridges & Lovers”


A best-selling love story,
some howling critics, and a
beautiful Streep-Eastwood film.

Music, Film, Celebrity

“Bette Davis Eyes”


A top song of the 1980s
tells a story of a
talented Hollywood legend.

Music & Madison Avenue

“Big Chill Marketing”

1980s & 1990s

How a 1983 movie named
The Big Chill, sparked the use of
rock ‘n roll music in TV ads.


“Big Chill Promo”

1983 & 1998

Trailer for 1983’s The Big Chill provides overview of story, music & characters.

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