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Annals of Sport

Sports History, Sports Biography, Sports Business,
Sports Celebrity, Sports & Advertising, etc.

Sport, Celebrity, Business

“I Guarantee It”


Joe Namath of the NY Jets
helps transform pro football
– game, image and $$$ value.

Baseball Legends

“Mantle’s Griffith Shot”

April 1953

Mickey Mantle hits a monster 500′ home run
in Washington, D.C.

Annals of Sport

“Baseball, 1929″

Jimmie Foxx

One of baseball’s finest
hitters & best teams in the
year of the Great Crash.

Sports Star Advertising

“Vines for Camels”


Ellsworth Vines, a world-
ranked No. 1 tennis player,
endorses Camel cigarettes.

Sports Star Advertising

“Vuitton’s Soccer Stars”

June 2010

Soccer legends Pelé, Zidane,
& Maradona do advert
for a luxury bag maker.

Baseball Legends

“The Yogi Chronicles”


The life & times of
Yogi Berra, a NY Yankee
legend — and a lot more.

The Tobacco Celebs

“Gifford for Luckies”


NY Giants football star
Frank Gifford gives his
pitch for Lucky Strikes.

Sports & Marketing

“Wheaties & Sport”


A cereal maker becomes
an advertising icon
using sports celebrities.

Sports & Media

“All Sports, All the Time”


The history of ESPN and
the rise of the “all-sports”
cable television business.

Annals of Sport

“Babe Ruth Days”


The Bambino being
honored & remembered
at Yankee Stadium.

Statues & Icons: Film

“The Rocky Statue”


A 20-year fight in Phila-
delphia over a much-loved
Hollywood pugilist.


Bill Bradley


He rose to the U.S. Senate
& Presidential politics from
his basketball values.

Sport, Icons & Money

$2.8 Million Baseball Card

1909 Honus Wagner

A great baseball player
and the story of a very
valuable baseball card.

Baseball Legends

“Mickey Mantle’s 535th”

19 September 1968

With two good legs, this
Yankee slugger might have 
hit 600 career home runs.

Radio & Sport

“Dempsey vs. Carpentier”

July 1921

Radio broadcast of boxing’s
“Battle of the Century”
ushers in big-time sports.

Annals of Sport

“Slingin’ Sammy”


Sammy Baugh helps
modernize pro football
with the forward pass.

Statues & Icons: Sport

“Ruth at Oriole Park”


Sultan of Swat comes
home to Baltimore’s
Camden Yards.

Entertainment Economy

“Basketball Dollars”


Is “Final Four”
basketball part of
a new economics?

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