Business, Politics, Culture

Short Stories on the History & Power
of Popular Culture

— Stories by Jack Doyle —

Baseball History

“Gehrig vs. Ruth, 1927”

Home Run Race

Yankee sluggers in battle
for home run title deliver
awesome hitting display.

Autos & Public Health

“Smog Conspiracy”

DOJ vs. Automakers

1969 lawsuit > Detroit
held back pollution-
control technology

Annals of Music

“Joni’s Music”


Joni Mitchell’s
amazing career.

Topics Page

“Environmental History”


Stories on oil spills,
pesticides, river pollution,
strip mining & more…

Publishing, Politics, Ecology

“Power in the Pen”


Rachel Carson’s book, Silent
Spring, takes on pesticides;
spurs environmental cause.

Politics & Television

“Brian’s Song”


Brian Lamb’s C-SPAN
opens up Congress;
provides public affairs TV.

Sport, Politics, Culture

“Ali-Frazier History.”

Boxing & Culture

1971’s Ali-Frazier fight
became a surrogate for
larger social issues.

Boxing & Culture

“Ali’s Film History”


With Ken Burns’ new film
on Muhammad Ali, a look
back at 20 others…

WW II History

“Firebombing Japan”

67 Cities: 1945

“Fog of War” film reveals
horrendous firebombing
of Japanese cities.

Urban/Enviro History

“Highway Wars”


Interstate Highway frenzy
brought citizens to the
barricades & the courts.


“McCartney: Amazed”

The Paul & Linda Story

The love story, Paul’s
famous song, Wings, and
life after the Beatles.

Rousing Film Music

“The Ecstasy of Gold”


Famous “gold fever” song
from “Good, Bad & Ugly”
film w/ Clint Eastwood.

Magazine Art

“John Clymer’s America”

Saturday Evening Post

His stunning landscapes
helped us “see”
America the Beautiful.

Environmental History

“The Brent Spar Fight”


A classic environmental
battle over offshore oil
junk in the North Sea.

Road to the White House

“JFK’s 1960 Campaign”

Primaries & Fall Election

The historic campaign,
with city-by-city itinerary
— and lots of photos.

Civil Rights History

“Buses Are A’ Comin’”

Freedom Riders: 1961

In 1961, extraordinary
courage stepped up
to racial bigotry.

James Bond Music

“You Only Live Twice”

Film & Music:1967

Sinatra theme song
& Japanese music make
Bond film a winner.

Celebrity, Culture, Politics

“Fonda Fitness Boom”

1980s & Beyond

Hollywood’s Jane Fonda
spawns fitness empire that
helps fund her activism.

Poignant Songs

“Harry Chapin”

Taxi & Beyond

Song about a long-lost
love brought him to
national prominence.

Business & Biography

“The Delorean Saga”

Car Guy: 1960s-1980s

He shook-up G.M.,
pushed “auto ethics,” and
invented a new car.

Topics Page: Women

“Noteworthy Ladies”

40 Stories

Profiles of famous women
— from Rachel Carson
to Tina Turner.

Topics Page: Civil Rights

“Civil Rights Topics”


14 stories with
Civil Rights-related
content & history.

Publishing & Politics

“The Pentagon Papers”


A ‘freedom-of-the-press’
story that also includes
a Steven Spielberg film.

Politics & The Economy

“Street Smarts”

The Rise of Elizabeth Warren

She’s learned how Wall
Street & Big Finance work
to rig the system.

Strip Mining History

“Giant Shovel on I-70″

Ohio Fight: 1973

Shovel’s highway crossing
spurs activist organizing
& Congressional action.

Kentucky Activist

“Mountain Warrior”


Harry Caudill, author,
lawyer and legislator,
fought for Appalachia.

Music, Politics, Big Biz


John Prine-1971

A country song about
strip mining, coal power,
& demise of Paradise, KY

Music, Politics, Celebrity

“Linda & Jerry”


The lives of Jerry Brown
and Linda Ronstadt
during the 1970s.

Oil Disaster Film

“Deepwater Horizon”

Film & Spill: 2010-2016

Story on rig disaster film
also recounts history &
politics of real BP oil spill.

Annals of Music

“Goffin & King”


Famous young songwriters,
find love & success,
then their lives diverge.

Annals of Music

“Dylan’s Hard Rain”


Genesis & history of
Dylan’s song, “A Hard
Rain’s A-Gonna Fall.”

1950s R&B Rocker

“Fats Domino”


“Boogie-woogie” pianist
helps invent rock `n roll;
becomes nat’l sensation.

Oil Industry History

“Texas City Disaster”

BP Refinery: 2005

Poorly-maintained oil
refinery explodes,
killing 15, injuring 180.

Sculpture & History

“Point of View”

George & Guyasuta

Engaging historic figures
spur perspective on
land use & modernity.

Publishing & Politics

“Nader’s Raiders”


Ralph Nader’s student
“study groups” turned
Washington inside-out.

Book, Film, Music



The James Bond film
that really sent the
franchise soaring.

Baseball Standout

“Pitcher Perfect”


Brooklyn’s Sandy Koufax
becomes baseball standout;
wins three Triple Crowns.

World Series Drama

“The Mazeroski Moment”

October 1960

In a dramatic Game 7,
the Pittsburgh Pirates
beat the NY Yankees.

Topics Page

“Beatles History”


Multiple Beatles stories:
bios, song histories,
touring, and more.

Politics & Celebrity

“Barack & Bruce”


Bruce Springsteen & other
celebrities helped President Obama win re-election.

Beatles Music

“In My Life”


Lennon & the Beatles
plumb the memory banks to
craft an all-time favorite.

Sci-Fi Film Classic

“Soylent Green”


Dystopian film raises
enviro, survival, and
population issues.

Topics Page

“Magazine History”

18 Stories

The power & influence
of magazines in
politics & culture.

Annals of Music

“Summer Wind”


Profile of, and
MP3 file for, a Frank
Sinatra classic.

Celebrity & The Web

“Google & Gaga”


Story includes video
with history & sketches
of Lady Gaga & Google.

Advertising & Culture

“The iPod Silhouettes”


Apple’s iPod ads spread
cultural imagery globally
& boosted bottom line.

Music & Pop Culture

“Beatles in America”


New rock ‘n roll group
brings “pop explosion” in
music, business, culture.

Beatles Under Siege

“Burn The Beatles”

Bigger Than Jesus?

Lennon’s 1966 remarks
spawn U.S. protests;
threaten concert tour.

Basketball & Baseball

“Two-Sport Man”

Pittsburgh’s Dick Groat

An All-American hoop star
at Duke & a 1960 MVP for
the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Western Pennsylvania

“Petrochem Peril”

Bill Peduto: 2019

Pittsburgh’s mayor opposes
further fossil fuels/plastics
build-out in region.

Petrochem History

“The Phillips Explosion”

23 Dead, 130 Injured

Following Wall Street stock
raids, big oil company
makes costly job cuts.

Modern Chemistry

“Plastic Infernos”

A Short History

Plastic materials implicated
in spread & severity
of deadly fires.

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