Music-Related Stories

Annals of Music

Music History, Music Business, Music in Politics,
Music in Film, Song Histories, Artist Profiles, etc.

Annals of Music

“1960s Girl Groups”


The innocent & upbeat
sound that came between
Elvis & The Beatles.

Music & Biography

“Dion DiMucci”


From 1950s Doo-Wop,
to 1960s folk rock,
Dion turned out the hits.

14-Year Chart Run

Dark Side’s 40 Years”


Pink Floyd album has
Billboard chart run.

Musical Demarcation

“…No Satisfaction”


A Rolling Stones hit song
becomes a generation’s
dis-satisfaction anthem.

Music & Biography

“Taylor Swift, Rising”


A 19-yr-old singer/
songwriter storms the
music charts …and more.

Message Music

Sting: “Russians”


A song about the Cold
War’s nuclear threat
finds a pop audience.

Music & Advertising

“Microsoft & Too Close”


A Microsoft TV ad uses
an Alex Clare dubstep
tune to get notice.

Hard Knocks Music

“Sinatra: Cycles”


The ‘Chairman’ brings his
“wee-hours” seasoning to
a “that’s life” song.

Music, Politics, Big Biz


John Prine-1971

A country song about
strip mining, coal power,
& demise of Paradise, KY

Annals of Music

“The End of the World”


Skeeter Davis sings
a sad song
of unbearable loss.

Music & Pop Culture

“Beatles in America”


New rock ‘n roll group
brings “pop explosion” in
music, business, culture.

Annals of Music

“Dear Prudence”


The history of a beautiful
Beatles’ song and a
productive retreat in India.

Annals of Music

“What A Wonderful World”

In 1967, at age 66, Louis
Armstrong records a
poignant song for the ages.

Music & Biography

“Be My Baby”


The Ronettes & Phil Spector produce a game-
changing new sound.

Music, Film, Celebrity

“Bette Davis Eyes”


A top song of the 1980s
tells the story of a
Hollywood legend.

Music & Advertising

“Madonna’s Pepsi Ad”


A Madonna TV ad
stirs controversy
by association.

Music & Television

“Bandstand Performers”


Dick Clark’s “American
Bandstand” offered music
artists national TV debuts.

Music & Television

“Bandstand Performers”


Some 200 guests appeared
on “Bandstand” during its
final year from Philadelphia.

Music Censorship

“Rumble Riles Censors”


Link Wray’s guitar song
prompts some radio
managers to ban its airing.

Music Controversy

“Elvis Riles Florida”


Elvis Presley’s music
& dancing on stage
brings judicial threat.

Beatles History

“Paul-is-Dead Saga”


Rumor of Paul McCartney
death circulates as the
Beatles are breaking up.

1960s’ Beatlemania

“Beatles’ D.C. Gig”

Feb-March 1964

The Beatles’ first-ever,
live U.S. concert was held
in Washington, D.C.

Music & Advertising

“Google & Gaga”


Lady Gaga’s hit song,
“The Edge of Glory,” is
used in a Google TV ad.

Music & Advertising

“The iPod Silhouettes”


Apple’s iPod ad campaign
used music & imagery
to sell its technology.

Radio & Rock ‘n Roll

“Moondog Alan Freed”


He coined the term
“Rock ‘n Roll” & gave
exposure to R&B artists.

Music & Advertising

“Keira & The Zombies”

2014 & The 1960s

A Chanel perfume ad
features Keira Knightley
& a 1960s Zombies’ tune.

Music Celebrity

“The Sinatra Riots”


Bobbysoxer hysteria gives
one of the world’s greatest
singers his early start.

Rock ’n Roll

“Elvis on the Road”


Elvis Presley on his hard-
working U.S. concert
tour, w/dates, mid-1950s.

Music & Madison Avenue

“Big Chill Marketing”

1980s & 1990s

How 1983’s The Big Chill,
sparked the use of
rock ‘n roll music in TV ads.

Movie Trailer

“Big Chill Promo”

1983 & 1998

Film trailer for Big Chill provides overview of story, music & characters.

Annals of Music

“Early Beach Boys”


The five guys who
created “Sunshine Pop”
and a lot more.

Annals of Music

“Early Beach Boys”

Pt. 2: Six Songs

Gorgeous harmonies &
imaginative composition
in a distinctive ’60s sound.

TV, Music, Civil Rights

“Harry & Petula”


Pet Clark & Harry Belafonte
make civil rights history
challenging Chrysler.

Music & Marketing

“Sting & Jaguar”


Rock star Sting uses
a Jaguar TV ad to raise
the visibility of his music.

Music Promotion

“The Jackson Statues”


Nine giant Michael Jackson statues help promote
a pop star & his music.

Music, Money, History

“Michael & McCartney”


Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney & The Beatles’
1960s song catalog.

Annals of Music

“Paint It Black”


A Rolling Stones tune has
a long shelf life in film,
television, and video games.

TV, Music & Marketing

“Dinah Shore & Chevrolet”


“See-the-U.S.A.” tune
helps define a celebrity
and America’s “car culture”.

Music & Biography

“Joplin’s Shooting Star”


Janis Joplin’s last
five years; her
music, life & legacy.

Annals of Music

“U2 Song – One”


Irish rock group, chasing
their muse, creates one of
the 1990s’ top songs.

Annals of Music

“I Only Have Eyes
For You”

A 1959 remake of
an old standard has
resonance for the ages.

Music, Business, 1960s

“Motown’s Heat Wave”


Martha & the Vandellas’
dance music captures teens
& boosts Motown biz.

 Music, Film, Biography

“Let The River Run”


Carly Simon’s rousing song for film Working Girl became an inspiration for many.

Music, Film, Soundtrack

“Streets of Philadelphia”


Bruce Springsteen’s haunting
song for film Philadelphia
captures tragedy of AIDs.

Ad Clip

Nike’s “Revolution” Ad


Nike TV advertisement
uses classic Beatles song
to sell athletic shoes.

Music & Marketing

“Nike & The Beatles”


Nike finds the ideal song
to promote its athletic shoes,
& the Beatles file a lawsuit.

Protest Music

“Four Dead in O-hi-o”


A protest song recalls
America’s darker days
during the Vietnam War.

Blue-Eyed Soul

Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’


Righteous Bros’ music is
‘most played’ on radio
& powers popular film.

TV, Music & Marketing

“American Bandstand”

1956 – 2007

How Dick Clark & TV
helped make rock ‘n roll
a major business.

Music & Advertising

“Selling Janis Joplin”


How Mercedes-Benz
used a Janis Joplin tune to
hook baby boomers.

Music, Marketing, Technology

“Start Me Up”


Bill Gates uses a
Rolling Stone’s tune to
launch Windows 95.

Annals of Music

“The Story In
Your Eyes”

A 1971 Moody Blues
song of hope, love &
concern for the future.

Music & Celebrity

“Candle in the Wind”

1973 & 1997

An Elton John tune
written twice for two
special ladies.

Annals of Music

“Streisand Rising”


A struggling singer
carrying around a folding cot
becomes a music icon.

Annals of Music

“Fingertips, Pt.2″


A 12 year-old blind boy,
Stevie Wonder, has a
dazzling harmonica debut.

Jazz Film Score

“Of Bridges & Lovers”


A best-selling love story,
some howling critics, and a
beautiful Streep-Eastwood film.


Dylan: “Only A Pawn…”


Bob Dylan performs a famous
civil rights song at the
Newport Folk Festival.

Music & Civil Rights

“Only A Pawn in
Their Game”

Dylan’s 1963 appearance
in Mississippi & his
’60s civil rights music.

Second Chance Music

“Do You Love Me”

1962 & 1988

A 1962 Motown hit song
by The Contours is given
new life by “Dirty Dancing.”

Annals of Music

“Sixteen Tons”


Tennessee Ernie Ford’s coal-mining song tops the charts; sells millions of copies.

Global Music Celebrity

“Rocker Supreme”


The tough times, amazing
comeback & global fan
base of Tina Turner.

Music Biz & Celebrity

“Beatles’ Closed-Circuit Gig”

March 1964

The Beatles’ first-ever, live U.S.
concert from Washington was used
in closed-circuit theater showings.