“Dennis Hopper TV Ads”
2006-2008: Flower Power, etc.




Note: This 30-second Dennis Hopper TV ad, and the one below,
are two of several he made in 2006-2008 for the Ameriprise
Financial Corp., in which the film star pitches financial planning
to Baby Boomers.  Both of these ads use the hard-driving rock ‘n
roll tune, “Gimme Some Lovin” from the 1960s’ Spencer Davis
Group, as background music.




The Mothman Prophecies film

Short Story
See related story on the making of thes ads, the music used, and
Hopper’s career @:
“Dennis Does Ameriprise, 2006-2008.”


Video Source
The original source for these videos are found at You Tube — Video 1,
and Video 2.

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Date Posted: 18 July 2008
Last Update: 24 July 2015
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