Politics & Culture

Campaign History, Politics & Art, Civil Rights History,
Music & Politics, Protest History, Politics & TV, etc.

Publishing & Politics

“The Pentagon Papers”


A ‘freedom-of-the-press’
story that also includes
a Steven Spielberg film.

Politics & Culture

“Street Smarts”

The Rise of Elizabeth Warren

She knows Wall Street’s
secrets and how to
make structural change.

Publishing & Politics

“Nader’s Raiders”


Ralph Nader’s student
“study groups” turned
Washington inside-out.

Politics & Celebrity

“Barack & Bruce”


Bruce Springsteen & other
celebrities helped President Obama win re-election.

Music, Politics, Big Biz


John Prine-1971

A country song about
strip mining, coal power,
& demise of Paradise, KY

Politics, Celebrity, Music

“Linda & Jerry”


The lives of Jerry Brown
and Linda Ronstadt
during the 1970s.

Road to the White House

“JFK’s 1960 Campaign”

Primaries & Fall Election

The historic campaign,
with city-by-city itinerary
— and lots of photos.

Politics & Culture

“JFK’s Pacific Swim”

August 1962

A surprise “Presidential
swim” by John F. Kennedy
at Santa Monica,CA.

Art, Satire, Politics

“Enemy of the President”


Cartoonist Paul Conrad
draws the ire
of Richard Nixon.

Music & Civil Rights

“Strange Fruit”


Billie Holiday sings
a haunting song
of protest.

Publishing & Politics

“Power in the Pen”


Silent Spring creates political firestorm, White House report & Congressional hearings.

Politics & Television

“Brian’s Song”


Brian Lamb’s C-SPAN
opens up Congress; brings
new citizen participation.

Kent State Shootings

“Four Dead in O-hi-o”

May 1970

Kent State shootings
follow Richard Nixon’s
invasion of Cambodia.

Campuses Erupt

“Kent State Reaction”

Seattle: May 1970

Student protests exploded
across America reacting
to Kent State shootings.

Music & Politics

“Barracuda Politics”


Sarah Palin campaign music
at Republican convention
riles rock group, Heart.

Music & Politics

“Reagan & Springsteen”


How Bruce Springsteen’s
music became part of a
Ronald Reagan speech.

Icons & Advertising

“JFK, Pitchman?”


A popular ex-President is
used in print & TV ads to
sell Omega watches.

TV & Politics

“The Frost-Nixon Biz”


The multi-media cottage
industry that followed
the Frost/Nixon interviews.

Publishing & Politics

“Profiles in Courage”


The story of the book that
helped put Jack Kennedy
in the White House.

Politics & Celebrity

“1968 Presidential Race”


Paul Newman & friends
jump into the political
fray of 1968.

Politics & Celebrity

“The Jack Pack”

Pt.1: 1958-60

Frank Sinatra’s “Rat Pack”
cavort with & campaign for
JFK in his White House bid.

Politics & Celebrity

“The Jack Pack”

Pt. 2: 1961-64

Good times JFK Inaugural
is followed by some falling
out and tragic endings.

Hollywood & Politics

“1968 Presidential Race”


Film star John Wayne &
others in Hollywood
turn out for the Republicans.

Music & Politics

“I Won’t Back Down”


A Tom Petty rock ‘n roll tune
has become a favorite
for political campaigns.

Politics & Television

“The Kefauver Hearings”

1950 – 1951

Televised Senate hearings
boost political fortunes of
Senator Estes Kefauver.

Advertising & Politics

“LBJ’s Atomic Ad”


“Daisy Girl” TV ad
begins the politics of
negative campaigning.

Publishing, Politics, Art

“FDR & Vanity Fair”


Magazine cover art &
caricature during Franklin
Roosevelt’s New Deal.

Music & Politics

“I’m A Dole Man”


A 1960s’ soul song
becomes Bob Dole’s
political campaign music.

Protest Music

“Four Dead in O-hi-o”


A protest song recalls
America’s darker days
during the Vietnam War.

Statues & Icons: Politics

“RFK in Brooklyn”


A Robert F. Kennedy
memorial & 1960s help for Bedford-Stuyvesant.


Bill Bradley


He rose to the U.S. Senate & Presidential politics from his basketball values.




John Hall, 1970s rocker,
becomes a U.S.
Congressman in 2006


Dylan: “Only A Pawn…”


Bob Dylan performs a famous
civil rights song at the 
Newport Folk Festival.

Music & Civil Rights

“Only A Pawn in
Their Game”

Dylan’s 1963 appearance
in Mississippi & his
’60s civil rights music.

Politics & Television

Nixon’s Checkers Speech

Sept 1952

Endangered VP candidate
Richard Nixon discovers
the “magic” of television.

TV, Politics, Entertainment

“The Frost-Nixon Biz”

1977 – 2009

The 30-year history of the David
Frost-Richard Nixon interviews
in print, on stage & in Hollywood.