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Listed Thumbnails Include Stories at This Website
With Video Content or Stand-Alone Videos That
Link To Stories with Related Content


Video / TV Ad

“Google & Gaga”


Google & Lady Gaga make
energetic & effective TV ad
for Chrome web browser.

Video / Film Trailer

“Streets of Philadelphia”


This story about music
in the film Philadelphia
includes film trailer & video.

Video / TV Ad

“Nike’s ‘Revolution’ Ad”


Nike TV advertisement
uses classic Beatles song
to sell athletic shoes.

Video / TV Ad

“JFK Pitchman?”


Omega watch ads use
popular ex-President in his
‘go-to-the-moon’ speech.

Video / TV Ad

“Dirty Dancing”


Film clip shows hot new
way of dancing with 1962
song, ‘Do You Love Me?’

Video / TV Clip

“Happy Days”


Barbra Streisand sings
‘Happy Days Are Here Again’
on her 1965 TV special

Video / TV Ad

“See The U.S. A.”


Dinah Shore sings the
T.V. jingle that made her
& Chevrolet famous.

Video / TV Ad

“Janis & Mercedes-Benz”


European TV ad for
Mercedes-Benz uses a
Janis Joplin tune.

Video / Film Trailer

“Wall Sreet’s Gekko”


This story about greedy
Gordon Gekko includes
film trailer in its intro.

Video / Film Trailer

“Big Chill Marketing”

1980s & 1990s

How 1983’s The Big Chill
sparked the use of rock
music in TV ads.

Video / TV Ad

“Levi’s Be My Baby”


A Levi’s jeans ad uses a
1960s’ tune to tell a
“good Samaritan” story.

Video / TV Ad

“Dennis Hopper Ads”


Actor Dennis Hopper
pitches Baby Boomers:
“Dreams Don’t Retire.”

Video / Newsreel

“Sammy Baugh”


Sammy Baugh helps
modernize pro football
with the forward pass.

Video / Film Trailer

“Shine A Light”


Movie trailer for Martin
Scorsese’s film on the
Rolling Stones in concert.

Video / TV Ad

“G.E.’s Hot Coal Ad”


General Electric’s ‘hot’ TV
ad gives coal mining a look
that’s not exactly real.

Video / Political Ad

“LBJ’s Atomic Ad”


“Daisy Girl” TV ad of
1964 began practice of
negative campaign ads.

Video / TV Ad

“…Keeps on Ticking”


Story about Timex watch
‘torture tests’ w/ celebrities
includes video w/ ice skater.

Video / TV Ad

“Pepsi’s Madonna Ad”


A Madonna television ad
stirs controversy when
it’s linked to music video.

Video / TV Ad

“Start Me Up”


Bill Gates pays millions
for Rolling Stones song to
sell computer software.

Video / Newsreel

“Babe Ruth Honored”


The Bambino being
honored & remembered
at the old Yankee Stadium

Video / TV Character

“Max Headroom”


This story of fun-loving
computer-generated being
includes sample video.

Video / TV Ads

“The iPod Silhouettes”


This story on Apple’s
iPod ad campaign includes
7 video ad samples.



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