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T.V. & Culture
( TV History, Program Profiles, Advertising, Social Impacts, etc. )


TV, Music & Marketing

“American Bandstand”


How Dick Clark & TV
helped make rock ‘n roll
a major business.

Sports & Cable TV 

“All Sports, All the Time”


The rise of ESPN and
the “all-sports” cable
television business.

Music & TV Advertising

“Start Me Up”


Bill Gates uses a
Rolling Stone’s tune to
launch ad campaign.

Politics & Television

“Nixon’s T.V. Speech”


Endangered VP candidate
discovers the “magic”
of television.

Celebrity TV Ads

“…Keeps on Ticking”


John Cameron Swayze & “torture tests” help sell
Timex watches.

Cutting-Edge Television

“Max Headroom”


Fun-loving, Sci-Fi TV
show critiques TV biz,
TV ads & ratings game.

Celebrity TV

“Person to Person”

1953 – 1961

Edward R. Murrow,
CBS, and the rise of
“rich & famous” T.V.

TV Show Clip

Streisand: “Happy Days”


Barbra Streisand sings
“Happy Days…” on her
1965 CBS TV special.

Politics & Television

“The Kefauver Hearings”

1950 – 1951

Televised Senate hearings
boost political fortunes of
Senator Estes Kefauver.

Music & TV Advertising

“Madonna’s Pepsi Ad”


A Madonna television ad
stirs controversy
by association.

Cable TV & TV News History

“Ted Turner & CNN”

1980s & 1990s

Media pioneer shakes up
news & entertainment biz
using new technology.

TV, Celebrity, Marketing

“Dinah Shore & Chevrolet”


“See-the-U.S.A.” tune
helps define a TV celebrity
& America’s “car culture”.

TV, Music, Marketing

G.E.’s Hot Coal Ad


General Electric’s ‘hot’ TV
ad gives coal mining a look 
that’s not exactly real.

TV Icons

“Ralph Kramden Statue”

August 2000

Jackie Gleason’s bus
 driver gets a statue
in New York City.

TV & Civil Rights

When Harry Met Petula

April 1968

Pet Clark & Harry Belafonte
make civil rights history
on television.

Television & Politics

“The Frost-Nixon Biz”


The 30-year, multi-media
history of the David Frost/
Richard Nixon TV interviews.

Magazine & TV Ads

“JFK, Pitchman?”


A popular ex-President is
used in print & TV ads to
help sell Omega watches.

Music & TV Marketing

Sting & Jaguar

1999 – 2001

Rock star Sting uses
a Jaguar TV ad to raise
the visibility of his music.

TV Ad Clip

Nike’s “Revolution” Ad


Nike TV ad uses a
classic Beatles song
to sell athletic shoes.

Music & Marketing

“Nike & The Beatles”


Nike finds the ideal song
to promote its athletic shoes,
& the Beatles file a lawsuit.

TV Celebrity

“Mia’s Metamorphoses”


Mia Farrow’s fame began
with TV’s Peyton Place
of the 1960s.

Music & Television

“Bandstand Performers”


Dick Clark’s “American
Bandstand” offered music
artists national TV debuts.

Politics & Advertising

“LBJ’s Atomic Ad”


“Daisy Girl” TV ad of
’64 ushers in era of
negative campaign ads.

Advertising & Celebrity

“Dennis Does Ameriprise”


Actor Dennis Hopper
pitches Baby Boomers:
“Dreams Don’t Retire.”

TV Ad Clip

“Buy Me A Mercedes-Benz”


Clip of a European TV ad
for Mercedes-Benz using
famous Janis Joplin lyrics.

TV Ad Clip

G.E.’s “Coal Miners”

TV Ad – 2005

General Electric’s ‘hot’ TV
ad gives coal mining a look
that’s not exactly real.

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