Celebrity & Icons

Celebrity & Icons

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Wealth & Celebrity

“Celebrity Buffett”


Billionaire Warren Buffett
leverages his wealth &
fame to good ends.

Celebrity Advertising

“JFK, Pitchman?”


A popular ex-President is
used in print & TV ads to
help sell Omega watches.

1950s’ TV Icon

“Dinah Shore & Chevy”


“See-the-USA” tune helps
define a TV celebrity &
America’s car culture.

Women’s Rights Icon

“Rosie The Riveter”


A WWII-era image
becomes an icon
for the ages.

Statues & Icons: Pop Star

“The Jackson Statues”


Nine giant Michael Jackson statues help promote
a pop star & his music.

Statues & Icons: Sport

“Ruth at Oriole Park”


Sultan of Swat comes
home to Baltimore’s
Camden Yards.

Celebrities in Music

“Candle in the Wind”

1973 & 1997

Elton John song honors the
memory of Marilyn Monroe
and Princess Diana.

Film Celebrity

“Anna Q. Nilsson”


The story behind a 1920
Photoplay cover girl
& silent film star.

Film Star & Music

“Bette Davis Eyes”


A top song of the 1980s
tells a story of a
Hollywood legend.

Celebrity TV

“Person to Person”

1953 – 1961

Edward R. Murrow, CBS,
and the rise of
“rich & famous” T.V.

Statues & Icons: TV

“Ralph Kramden Statue”

August 2000

Viacom’s cable channel
begins building statues
for its classic TV stars.

Statues & Icons: Politics

“RFK in Brooklyn”


A Robert F. Kennedy
memorial & 1960s history
re Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Music Celebrity

“The Sinatra Riots”


Bobbysoxer hysteria helps
boost early singing career
of Frank Sinatra.

Celebrity Commerce

“The Most Beautiful Girl”


Supermodel Gisele is star in business & advertising;
earns $33 million in 2006.

Global Music Celebrity

“Rocker Supreme”


Tina Turner generates a huge global fan base in
her amazing comeback .

Celebrity Advertising

“Madonna’s Pepsi Ad”


Pepsi pays Madonna 
millions for a TV ad, but
 a controversy erupts.

Celebrity Advertising

“Dennis Does Ameriprise”


Actor Dennis Hopper pitches
Baby Boomer retirement;
“Dreams Don’t Retire.”

Baseball Legends

“Mickey Mantle’s 535th”

19 September 1968

With two good legs, this
Yankee slugger might have
hit 600 career home runs.

Silent Film Star

“Pearl White”


A daredevil heroine
of the Silent Screen
becomes a big star.

Music & Advertising

“Selling Janis Joplin”


How Mercedes-Benz
used a Janis Joplin tune to
hook baby boomers.

Music & Celebrity

“Dream Lover”

1958 – 1973

Bobby Darin set the world
on fire with his talent, but
died tragically at age 37.

TV, Music & Marketing

“American Bandstand”

1956 – 2007

How Dick Clark & TV
helped make rock ‘n roll
a major business.

Sports Icons & Business

$2.8 Million Baseball Card

1909 Honus Wagner

A great baseball player
and the story of a very
valuable baseball card.

Music Celebrity

“Streisand Rising”


A young, struggling singer
carrying around a folding cot
becomes a music icon.