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More Stories, P.-2

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More Stories, p.2 

Business, Politics,Culture

Short Stories on the History & Power
of Popular Culture

Annals of Sport

“Baseball, 1929″

Jimmie Foxx

One of baseball’s
finest in the year
of the Great Crash.

Women’s Rights Icon

“Rosie The Riveter”


A WWII-era image
becomes an icon
for the ages.

Statues & Icons: Pop Star

“The Jackson Statues”


Nine giant Michael Jackson statues help promote
a pop star & his music.

Music, Money, History

“Michael & McCartney”


Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney & The Beatles’
1960s song catalog.

Global Music Celebrity

“Rocker Supreme”

1958 – 2008

The tough times, amazing
comeback & global fan
base of Tina Turner.

TV, Music & Marketing

“American Bandstand”

Running with Scissors full

1956 – 2007

How Dick Clark & TV
helped make rock ‘n roll
a major business.

Book, Film, Music

“Steinbeck to Springsteen”

1939 – 2006

The long journey of
The Grapes of Wrath
& Tom Joad.

Media Mergers

Newsweek Sold!”


The deal-making & players behind the Washington Post
buy out of Newsweek.

Celebrity Commerce

“The Most Beautiful Girl”

1993 – 2007

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen
earns $33 million in 2006
advertising & modeling.

Annals of Sport

“Babe Ruth Days”

1947 – 1948

The Bambino being
honored & remembered
at Yankee Stadium.


Bill Bradley


He rose to the U.S. Senate & Presidential politics from his basketball values.

Annals of Music

U2 Song – “One”


Irish rock group, chasing
their muse, creates one of the 1990s’ top songs.

Film & Celebrity

Ava Gardner


North Carolina country
beauty becomes Hollywood
box office gold.

Annals of Music

“I Only Have Eyes
For You”

A 1959 remake of
an old standard has
resonance for the ages.

Entertainment Economy

“Disney’s Movie Vault”

1984 – 1999

How Walt Disney & Co.
discovered big bucks in the
home video market.

Rock ’n Roll

“Elvis on the Road”

1955 – 1956

Elvis Presley’s hard-
working, mid-1950s
U.S. touring schedule.

Publishing & Politics

“JFK’s Profiles in Courage”

1954 – 2008

The history of the book that
helped put Jack Kennedy
in the White House.

Music & Advertising

“Selling Janis Joplin”


How Mercedes-Benz used
a Janis Joplin song to pitch
its cars to baby boomers.

Music Celebrity

“The Sinatra Riots”

1942 – 1944

Bobbysoxer hysteria gives
one of the world’s greatest
singers his early start.

Sports, Media, Business

“All Sports, All the Time”

1978 – 2008

The rise of ESPN and
the “all-sports” cable
television business.

Advertising & Politics

“LBJ’s Atomic Ad”


“Daisy Girl” TV ad
ushers in
negative campaigning.

Annals of Music

“Streisand Rising”

1961 – 1965

A struggling singer who
carried around a folding cot
becomes a music icon.

Politics & Television

Nixon’s Checkers Speech

Sept 1952

Endangered VP candidate
Richard Nixon discovers
the “magic” of television.

Music & Marketing

Sting & Jaguar

1999 – 2001

Rock star Sting uses
a Jaguar TV ad to raise
the visibility of his music.

Ad Clip

Nike’s “Revolution” Ad

1987 – 1988

Nike TV advertisement
uses classic Beatles song
to sell athletic shoes.

Music & Marketing

“Nike & The Beatles”

1987 – 1989

Nike finds the ideal song
to promote its athletic shoes,
& the Beatles file a lawsuit.


Dylan: “Only A Pawn…”

1963 (two clips)

Bob Dylan performs a famous civil rights song at Newport Festival & in Washington, D.C.

Music & Civil Rights

“Only A Pawn in
Their Game”

Dylan’s 1963 appearance
in Mississippi & his
’60s civil rights music.

Annals of Music

“Sixteen Tons”


Tennessee Ernie Ford’s coal-mining song tops the charts; sells millions of copies.

TV, Music, Marketing

“G.E.’s Hot Coal Ad”


General Electric’s ‘hot’ TV
ad gives coal mining a look
that’s not exactly real.

Radio Days

“Dempsey vs. Carpentier”

July 1921

Radio broadcast of boxing’s “Battle of the Century” ushers in
big-time sport & entertainment.

Blue-Eyed Soul

Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’

1964 – 1965

Righteous Brothers’ music
sets ‘most played’ mark & powers popular films.

Film & Celebrity

“Anna Q. Nilsson”


The story behind a
1920 Photoplay
cover girl.

Books, Film, Video

“The Bourne Profitability”

1985 – 2007

How Jason Bourne & Co.
became a worldwide
business empire.

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Please see “More Stories, p.3″

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