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More Stories, p. 3

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More Stories, p.3

Business, Politics,Culture

Short Stories on the History & Power
of Popular Culture

Music & Values

“Rumble Riles Censors”


Link Wray’s guitar
sound gives society
adolescent gang worries.

Technology & Culture

“Apple, Rising”


Two guys in a
garage help launch
the PC revolution.

The Tobacco Celebs

“Wayne For Camels”


Hollywood’s John Wayne
stars in Camel
cigarette advertising.

Wealth & Celebrity

“Celebrity Buffett”


Billionaire Warren Buffett
leverages his wealth &
fame to good ends.

TV, Music, Civil Rights

When Harry Met Petula

April 1968

Pet Clark & Harry Belafonte
make civil rights history
challenging Chrysler.

TV, Politics, Entertainment

“The Frost-Nixon Biz”


The 30-year, multi-media
history of the David Frost/
Richard Nixon interviews.

Politics & Television

“The Kefauver Hearings”

1950 – 1951

Televised Senate hearings
boost political fortunes of
Senator Estes Kefauver.

Music, Video & Advertising

“Madonna’s Pepsi Ad”


A Madonna television ad
stirs controversy
by association.

Entertainment Economy

“The Sound of Money”


A Dutch pension fund
& media company buy up
Rodgers & Hammerstein.

Statues & Icons: Film

“The Rocky Statue”


A 20-year fight in Phila-
delphia over a much-loved
Hollywood pugilist.

Statues & Icons: Sport

“Ruth at Oriole Park”


Sultan of Swat comes
home to Baltimore’s
Camden Yards.

Entertainment Economy

“Basketball Dollars”


Is “Final Four”
basketball part of
a new economics?

Hollywood & Politics

“1968 Presidential Race”


Film star John Wayne &
others in Hollywood
turn out for the Republicans.

Annals of Music

“Hello Stranger”


Barbara Lewis brings
a “smooth jazz” sound
to the 1960s.

Celebrity TV

“Person to Person”

1953 – 1961

Edward R. Murrow, CBS,
and the rise of
“rich & famous” T.V.

Music & Celebrity

“Candle in the Wind”

1973 & 1997

An Elton John tune
written twice for two
special ladies.

Annals of Sport

“Slingin’ Sammy”


Sammy Baugh helps
modernize pro football
with the forward pass.

Rise of Film Celebrity

“A Star is Born”


How the early film studios
created the first movie stars,
giving rise to “celebrity culture.”

Statues & Icons: TV

“Ralph Kramden Statue”

August 2000

Viacom’s cable channel
begins building statues
for its classic TV stars.

Music & Politics

“I Won’t Back Down”


A Tom Petty rock ‘n roll tune
becomes an anthem
for political campaigns.

Annals of Music

“Fingertips, Pt.2″


A 12 year-old blind boy,
Stevie Wonder, has a
dazzling harmonica debut.

Silent Film Star

“Pearl White”


A daredevil heroine
of the Silent Screen
becomes a big star.

Music & Celebrity

Dream Lover

1958 – 1973

Bobby Darin set the world
on fire with wide-ranging talents in a too-short life.

Sport, Icons & Money

$2.8 Million Baseball Card

1909 Honus Wagner

A great baseball player
and the story of a very
valuable baseball card.

Baseball Legends

Mickey Mantle’s 535th

19 September 1968

With two good legs, this
Yankee slugger might have
hit 600 career home runs.

Advertising & Celebrity

Dennis Does Ameriprise

2006 – 2008

Actor Dennis Hopper pitches
Baby Boomers on retirement;
“Dreams Don’t Retire.”

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